Vampire the Requiem: Court and Commonwealth

Current Rumors May 2016

For Players in Washington DC

In the News – Pieces of news found in local newspapers and traditional media sources

  • A man with a gun is shot right outside the white house by secret service.
  • A CSX train hits a car and flips over spilling coal in Gaithersburg Maryland
  • Party goers in College Park get pepper sprayed by the police after not complying police orders
  • Water main break in Fort Washington Maryland
  • A shooting occurs at a Fairfax county school and a teachers assistant was killed
  • Metro going through some significant shutdowns and delays as the new manager tries to clean up ongoing problems with public transportation
  • DCs board of elections working on trying to make more polling places more accessible to all voters in the District
  • VA governor Terry McAuliffe signs budget
  • A DC fire chief arrested on drug and firearms charges

Rumors Going Around the Court – Things that have spread by word of mouth to folks around the court that may or may not be confirmed

  • Recent Zika virus might be spread by feeding on mortals with the virus
  • Recent fire chief fired on drug and firearms charges in the pocket of an invictus family
  • A conflict between members of the Assembly and the On Leong settled by a challenge of the kine. The On Leong won the right to do something near Kenilworth Gardens.
  • A Nosferatu warren was recently destroyed by something moving around under subterranean DC. Problems occur on the eastern part of the Orange Line near the Deanwood Metro Station
  • Vampires in the District of Landover-Carrolton recently reported a number of ghouls and mortal servants who suffered a few thousand dollars worth of property damage over one weekend
  • Rains listed as the official reason for property development delays in the navy yard neighborhood but supposedly someone behind the scenes wishes for the real estate delay


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