Vampire the Requiem: Court and Commonwealth

June 2016 News and Rumors - DC

News Found in Traditional Media (Newspapers, News Broadcasts, Etc.):

  • Summer and nice weather finally arrive after 4 weeks of almost daily rain
  • Reported incidents of Assault and Homicide climb as the nice weather touches off a series of shootings and gangland violence all over PG County Maryland and the District.
  • An object is thrown over the North Lawn fence at the white house.
  • Hundreds of veterans rally on the mall for memorial day weekend. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump also met with GOP Congressional leaders.
  • Washington, DC celebrates Gay Pride with the Capitol Pride event Pennsylvania Ave closes in NW DC for a number of events the weekend of June 11th and 12th. Large crowds descend for the events.
  • Controversy builds as a strip club gains approval in the barracks row neighborhood. Neighbors are unhappy with plans to develop a strip club to be called “The Glass and Cherry” at the recent location that once held Phase 1
  • Community Events pop up all over the DMV area, from a national asian heritage celebration in the District to the Herndon Festival to the Taste of Bethesda.
  • Police are on the look out for a man who assaulted a county worker at the Prince George’s County Morgue. A police sketch has been included for the public. Local news commentators are reporting it as a possible fraud since the sketch is so similar to that of Harrison Ford:
  • Mayor Muriel Bowser and the City Council consider a proposed regulation on Tattoo needles again and the tattoo and piercing industry in general. Tattoo and Piercing advocates suggest that propsed regulations are literally impossible.
  • Capitol Lounge, a bar on capitol hill, is damaged by a blaze that supposedly started with faulty wiring. One person was injured.
  • A vehicle transporting medical supplies was recently robbed of boxes at gunpoint in the Farragut West neighborhood. Three boxes worth of blood donations were taken from the back of the vehicle. The two employees transporting the medical supplies stated the assailant spoke with a poorly faked russian accent.
  • Metro’s Orange Line shuts down for the entire month of June for repairs. Blue and Silver lines go through significant delays. Local roads bogged down with increased traffic.

Rumors Spreading Around the Court of DC – Use this information at your own risk

  • Capitol Lounge fire started as a grudge by unknown faction towards the House of Lee
  • A Carthian survives an encounter with a Vampire of the Nelapsi bloodline. The Sheriff Hans Bauer is investigating this claim.
  • Smithsonian African American Museum receives possible Kindred Artifact
  • Large Warren of Nosferatu leaves Capitol Hill
  • Member of the On Leong seeks Obseqiuem Seui with the Capitol Hill Baptist Sanctuary. Supposedly in connection with recent Challenge of the Kine over Kenilworth Territory
  • Rise in Gang shootings possibly silent war between an Invictus house and a Carthian Faction
  • Ghouls in Greenbelt goes missing. Others report continued property damage.
  • Zika virus reported in Washington DC
  • Members of Richmond Court looking for a fugutive. The Prince of Richmond has put out a bounty for the unlife of Charles Bettencourt. He is reportedly hiding in the suburbs between Washington and Baltimore.
  • 801 East Mens homeless shelter celebrates fathers. Area NGO Helping Hands Inc in bed with Kindred benefactor feeding off homeless men.


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