Luckas Beckott


Tall athletic man with short partially gray hair and blue eyes. He has an expression on his face which can alternate between threatening to empathetic quickly. When he walks he moves fast, looking left and right as if a wolf seeking challenge. When not moving he leans back in a relaxed position like a dog watching people.
When seen on the streets Beckott generally dresses in simple casual clothes, never wears jeans. He is just another person in the crowd. If he is coming from his office he is dressed in simple suits, as one of the faceless office workers.


- Comes from above average family with good education
- Had good childhood and youth, had friends has alive family members.
- Got military background, possibly as a captain or below rank in any recent wars as a mortal.
- Embraced by a stereotypical ventrue works in his/her company as a minor bureaucrat to learn business, possibly just as an accountant or reporter of some kind from time to time. This is his mortal mask.
- Works as a cleaner/enforcer/muscle in kindred society for Invictus. Basically grunt work.
- Likes to enjoy his time socializing with others.
- Dislikes violence but uses it frequently as a kindred.
- Believes Lancea doctrine to an acceptable level, follows traditions.

Luckas Beckott

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