Mr. On Lee

Head of the On Leong Merchants Association


Mr Lee traveled to DC in the 1890s. He had been a long standing member of the On Leong Tong and moved to San Francisco and started with the local On Leong Tong as a laundry cleaner. He soon rose up the ranks and moved to Washington D.C. in the hopes of being a founding member of the DC On Leong. He managed a small opium den along Pennsylvania Ave NW near third street today across the street from the Smithsonian’s Imax Theater. He answered to a Tong boss by the name of Han Don Moy. Mr. Lee was a favorite of Moy’s and was given every advantage possible. After saving one of Moy’s Opium dens in the 1890s he was even given the embrace. Mr Lee has safeguarded the chinese immigrant community for the past 120 years while battling the influence of the Hip Sing Merchants association and any other who would take power from his invictus house. The old china town has fallen apart and in the 90s, Mr. Lee moved much of the house’s operations out of the city. They still own some property in the city, but the vast majority is now in Maryland and Virginia.


Mr. On Lee

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