Clan Ventrue

The Lords

The Ventrue offer a very simple boast:
They win. They always win.
Other Kindred often despise the Lords, but they seldom dispute the clan’s boast. All too often, a Kindred works and schemes to win some prize, only to find that a Ventrue owned it all along. The officers who lead a city’s Kindred almost always include several highly placed Ventrue.

The Lords acknowledge no defeats, only setbacks. The clan shares a ruthless will
to power and the power to enforce its will. The Ventrue learn to command the thoughts of other beings almost by instinct. Their mastery of lesser animals harks back to nights of domains in which the Lord was a master of beasts as well as men. Although they do not especially cultivate the arts of combat, they often prove remarkably hard to kill. Ventrue regard their supernatural gifts, however, as merely a tool to begin the acquisition of real power — the power of money, property, corporate stock, political contacts, rank in Kindred society and large numbers of mortals, at every level of society, begging to lick their boots and fulfill their commands.

The Ventrue take the feudal nature of Kindred society very seriously. Every sire tells her childe that some people rule, and some are ruled. As Lords, they should strive to place themselves among the rulers. Most Ventrue neonates already believed this before their Embrace. Throughout the clan’s history, the Ventrue have sought power in whatever forms mortals offered.

Kindred historians say that in ancient Rome the clan Embraced senators and patricians. In the Middle Ages, they brought knights and churchmen into the fold. As
commerce became an avenue to power, they cultivated merchant princes, bankers and
magnates. When states grew more bureaucratic, the Lords Embraced high-ranking civil
servants. The rise of organized crime brought mob bosses and drug kingpins into the clan. No matter where in society the power lies, the Ventrue vow to exploit it before other Kindred even know it exists.


Clan Ventrue

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