The Carthian Movement

Undeniably the youngest of the major Kindred covenants, the Carthians are fire-eyed reformists, eager to bring the establishment to its knees if that’s what it takes to facilitate positive political change. If the unbound are the irritable loners and individualists, then the Carthians are their politically motivated counterparts, the Young Turks who seek to shake up the status quo with the honesty of their passion and the ingenuity of their ideas. Due to the prevalence of young Kindred in the modern age, the Carthian Movement sees quite a bit of support worldwide.

The foundation of the Carthian Movement is the notion that vampires needn’t accept the status quo unthinkingly. While these Kindred recognize that they’re being Embraced into a world with its own secret history and traditions, they don’t feel that they have to accept that history and those traditions simply because someone older than them says they do. Rather, they believe that every man can and must have a voice, in death as he did in life, and that voice must be heard in order for peace or justice to prevail in the system — any system.

This philosophy revolves around two core concepts that give the cause its fire.

Power to the People

The first and most important tenet of the Carthian cause is that any model of government that works for mortals is applicable to Kindred. Democracy in particular is the cornerstone of Carthian thinking, because it gives each individual a say in the affairs and administration of the people as a whole. Socialism is a popular model, too. Due to the relatively small scale of vampire society, many consider socialism more feasible for Kindred to adopt than it might be for mortals.

Carthians detest the notion of rule by divine mandate (perceived or otherwise), and they strive to convince those in power that existing structures should be examined thoroughly, and then modified or torn down as necessary in order to create a better world for all Kindred. Needless to say, few vampires in positions of power are immediately agreeable. They understand vampiric nature, perhaps all too well, and know that even when Carthians “succeed,” the result is often little more than the undead equivalent of a labor union, and such artificial contrivances are inherently dangerous to Kindred society.

Change Is Necessary

If part of the curse of undeath is stagnation and stasis, then the Kindred must be willing to change and adapt to the times if they are to endure. Dismissing new ideas out of hand simply because they are not what has been done before is the folly of ignorance, and such folly drives the Carthians to bloody tears. If they, at so young an age, can recognize the truth of vampiric existence, then why can’t the elders of their kind? Or is it that those elders have long since forgotten? Whatever the case, the Carthians take it upon themselves to remind their hoary sires and grandsires that no kingdom is forever, and that in time, change comes to every thing in every system — whether it’s desired or not.

Carthians in the DMV

Carthians can be found in both DC and Baltimore. While they hold majority in Baltimore, there are still a few that have survived in DC. Those who exist in DC are mainly small servants of the prince who have an odd special status. Usually they have either served the prince loyally in some capacity and wish to create more of a constitutional monarchy system within the court or they are outcasts with just enough power and large enough of a break to escape the ire of the prince.

Carthians found in Baltimore are currently in power, however victory has been their defeat. With so many Carthians taking refuge in Baltimore, the covenant has split into smaller parties that all try to vie for power in the local representative bodies. Ariadne Eilbeck, the current premier and de-facto head of the covenant, has recently called for elections within the commonwealth.

The Carthian Movement

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