The Lee Family

The House of Lee had been a prominent family within the Colony of Virginia and later Maryland. The mortal family was descended from an English immigrant. The local Vampiric House, however, wasn’t formed until 1675 after the embrace of John Lee, the oldest son of Richard Lee the Immigrant. John Lee built the house of Lee to maintain his own power but over time to oppose the O’Carrolls as well. The O’Carroll’s represented an opposing force which threatened to harm the Lee family as the Irish Catholics were the antithesis of everything the Anglo-Saxon Anglican Lee family represented.

The House reached its greatest heights when the Lee family helped the confederacy during the civil war. Hoping to create a new court specifically in Richmond that they could profit from generously, the house of Lee put many of its resources behind the mortal General that bared their name. It was during the war that the feuding between the O’Carrolls and the Lee’s became its worst. Both Houses fell to their smallest numbers among both the Kindred and the Kine. It was in this upheaval that John Lee also met his final death.

The House found a moderate leader in the figure of Arthur Lee. Arthur had spent most of his time in Europe untangled in the affairs of the Kindred Community of the Mid-Atlantic. Quickly making deals with members of the Ordo Dracul and the Carthian Movement, he was able to rebuild the Lee family’s fortunes and ranks within 50 years. Around the first world war, a member of the House attempted to break off and start his own house. The renegade killed the head of the O’Carroll’s and a few other members of that House before meeting final death.

During the tumultuous Great Schism of the 80s and 90s, the Lees and O’Carrolls banded together for their survival. They still work together in shared business ventures and both supported the rise of Van Etten to Prince and have profited from it. Most modern members of the House of Lee tend to be either members of a Gangrel or Ventrue lineage. The Lees have supported a number of Lancea Sanctum movements through out the years, but have finally rested in supporting the local Episcopalian movement and even helped construct the current National Cathedral and saw that it was granted as a Lancea Sanctum Sanctuary.

The Lee Family

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