The O'Carrols (Ó Cearbhaill)

Descended mainly from the Irish aristocracy of the 17th century, the Carroll family was a prominent family that has played a crucial role through out most of Maryland’s history. The Carroll family more often referred to as the O’Carrolls were part of the original Irish aristocrats before Ireland was colonized by the English, but were soon adopted as an English aristocratic family as well. The current Vampiric Invictus house of Carroll was started in 1718 supposedly when the founder, Henry Carroll, was embraced.

Henry was the first to court the local Catholic Lancea Sanctum members and it is said that it is due to his influence, that Georgetown was founded as a haven for the Jesuits in 1751. Henry ruled over the O’Carrolls until the time of the Civil War when many died in the fighting. Henry was put into torpor during a fight with members of the House of Lee. Charles Jr a mortal relation who was embraced 30 years previously, quickly took over. Under Charles Jr, the O’Carrolls became more involved with organizations focused on Catholic welfare and the Knights of Columbus.

Charles Jr led the family until the 1920s when yet again the O’Carrolls fought with the House of Lee. Charles Jr met final death and the family was without a leader for 5 years and almost disbanded. It was saved when Henry finally awoke from torpor and took over the family. Henry has led the family since that time and has pushed for the family to remain tied to a number of local business interests. Recently his leadership has gotten the family involved in local real-estate development that has proven quite lucrative to the House.

In the modern nights, they have a few enterprises with which they co-operate on, but the uneasy truce can sometimes find tension over disputes over territory within the local business and political communities. The family tends to have a larger number of Mekhet and Nosferatu members and tries to maintain a strong sense of Irish Catholic heritage. The modern house still has deep ties to the Catholic branches of the Lancea Sanctum that operate out of Georgetown and helped establish the Holy Trinity Church as a Lancea Sanctum.

The O'Carrols (Ó Cearbhaill)

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