The Order of the Sun (La Orden del Sol)

In the late 1810s and eary 1820s, as Napoleon invaded Spain, much of Latin America shook off the chains of bondage to the old colonial power. Through out the 19th Century, Latin America would struggle to define what its independence would look like. When Peru gained independence, it’s leader Jose de San Martin established the “Order of the Sun” for persons who achieved military and civil greatness. The order was originally the highest means of recognizing contributors to the liberation effort but was discontinued after it became used almost as a title of nobility. Included in the list of recipients was Rosa Campuzano who was San Martin’s mistress.

San Martin had left her pregnant and soon after he left she gave birth to their daughter Manuela. Naming Manuela after her friend and the mistress of Simon Boliver, Manuela was given to the sisters of the convent of Santo Domingo with her mother’s medal. Manuela de San Domingo grew up and soon learned of her mothers past but was too late to meet her. Wishing to continue her mothers legacy, she was embraced and worked with in the Kindred community to keep the Liberation alive. Manuela then embraced others and those embraced by her came to be known with the title of the Order of the Sun.

One of Manuela’s earliest initiates, Gabriela de Trujillo, immigrated into the United States with a number of Peruvian refuges in the 60s and 70s during the coups that changed the course of Peruvian history. Gabriela de Trujillo quickly set herself up among the kine to help embolden their efforts in retaining support from the expat community. Once Peru returned to a democratic state however, she found her home not the same as it had been before and returned to Washington, DC. She made her residence in the neighborhood of Mount Pleasant and quickly became a guardian for the Peruvian and Hispanic Immigrant communities in the DMV, gaining the nickname of Madre Distrito by the mid 80s.

She began to use her contacts in the mortal community to help set her up for a life of power and privilege that she had never gained in life. Her cynicism and anger towards the treatment of immigrants by area whites found her in competition with the Carrolls and Lees and by the time of the Schism she had sent for other members of the Order of the Sun. La Orden survived much of the conflict while only losing a few members and Madre Distrito was able to even show her power in local Kindred politics by using the events of the 1991 Mount Pleasant riots as a cover to simultaneously strike down members of the local Carthians who sought to displace the Lancea Sanctum she supported. Ultimately by the end of the Schism even she could see that the Lancea Sanctum no longer had the power or even the will to maintain the Masquerade.

Alienated from the Carthians for supporting the church yet recognizing the Churches lack of power, she turned to the city’s last remaining hope in Van Etten. Since then she has gathered power and strengthened La Orden to become a House in its own right. For her support Van Etten allowed her embrace more children and grow La Orden del Sol. La Orden members are of either Daeva or Gangrel clans. They often feud with the Houses of Carroll and Lee but will band together with rest of the Invictus in order to oppose the Carthians. Madre Distrito uses her power to resist latin american drug gangs where she can, but its more for the advantage of her mortal followers.

The Order of the Sun (La Orden del Sol)

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