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Logs of the Tenebrati

It is unknown what sort of organization the Tenebrati is, but what is known is that they have been posting careful logs on the Kindred of the both the Court and Commonwealth for the last 2 years. Meaning “those in Darkness” or “the Dark ones” It is unknown whether they are mortal spy’s or kindred information brokers, but either way both the Prince and Premier have offered a reward to silence the Tenebrati. The information was pulled off the internet but from time to time makes a reappearance in some other internet platform. The pages offered here are copies of the Tenebrati’s backdated logs.

Vampire Clans

Vampire Clans are established “types” of vampire. They tend to have the same powers and often have similar approaches to problem solving as other members of their clan. To this date, the Tenebrati are aware of only five clans haunting the streets of Baltimore and DC. Known vampire clans to live in both Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD:

Covenants of the DMV

Covenants among the damned tend to align more closely with what are known as either political parties or political ideologies among most mortals. There are 5 main covenants but those can break down even further still as can be seen in both DC and Baltimore. The 5 covenants are listed below:
The Carthian Movement
Children of the Crone
The Invictus
Lancea Sanctum
Ordo Dracul

Areas of Vampiric Contest

Included with the description of Vampiric areas of influence is a map for greater clarification. This map is compiled from a number of documents found from within the Administrations of both the Court and the Commonwealth. A reference map can be found here

Known Areas Claimed by the Court of D.C.

The District of Columbia
The Prince’s Private Reserve of Arlington
The District of McLean
The Reserve of Glen Echo
The District of Bethesda
The District of Silver Spring
The District of College Park
The District of Landover-New Carrolton
The District of Capitol – District Heights
The District of Hillcrest
The District of Alexandria
The District of Annandale
The District of Falls Church

Known Areas Claimed by the Commonwealth of Baltimore

The Commonwealth of Baltimore
The County of Woodlawn
The County of Pikesville
The County of Towson
The County of Parkville – Overlea
The County of Rosedale
The County of Dundalk
The County of Landsdowne
The County of Arbutus – Catonsville

Known Areas of Contest

Fort Meade

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